Barnburner Summer Camps

Registration for our summer camps is now open! We pair state-of-the-art facilities with expert coaches to elevate your players' skills. Each week-long camp is filled with comprehensive training sessions mixed with fun activities!

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The Future of Hockey Training Lives Here

Our facility includes three shooting lanes (24'x54') with Can-Ice synthetic ice, two Skatemills imported from Europe with the multiple cameras and screens to provide advanced player feedback, a fully equipped gym with enough room to train an entire team, a boardroom for team meetings and video review, and a cognitive/sensory training station.

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  • Partnership with HDTS

    Partnered with leading edge HDTS to equip athletes with specialized training technology and programming for each individual to aid in player development.

    HDTS has successfully trained with national, NHL, KHL players and Olympic medallists.

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  • Metrics Training

    Testing and showing results by comparing to fitness standard "norms" set between different hockey cohorts. The Database is filled by over 10,000 player profiles ranging from elite professionals to minor hockey players. Barnburner athletes can then compare to identify there strengths and weaknesses to develop an optimal training program.

    beeSPORT Testing 
  • Driven By Technology

    Fully automatic skating technique analysis system. The video is sent to the server and processed there using artificial intelligence. As a result, the coach will receive a full report of the limitations in the skating technique of a player and can begin to plan training programs and work to improve skills and conditions.

    Skating AI Video 
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