Where are you located? 

  • We are located at 103 Orfus Rd., Unit 1 in Toronto, Ontario.  Not far from Yorkdale Mall and one block away from Rinx Arena.

Do we have a minimum age requirement?

  • No, we do not have a minimum age, however, we ask that the player has previous experience with skating prior to using the treadmill.

How can we pay?

  • You can pay online using the link included in the invoice that will be sent to your email after booking 
  • We also accept etransfers - you can send them to info@barnburneracademy.com

Is there a waiver that must be completed before participating in a session?

  • Yes - you can complete the waiver using this link or by scanning a barcode on your phone when you arrive at our facility.

What should I bring to my session?

  • For treadmill sessions please bring your skates, gloves, stick and water. You do not need to come in full equipment. 
  • For shooting lane sessions please bring your skates, gloves, stick, helmet and water. Optionally, you can wear shin guards and elbow pads during your session. Please note we do not allow black tape to be used on our shooting lanes. Prior to coming, we’d prefer if you tape your stick with white tape, however, if you don’t have any there is white tape at our facility available for use.  
  • For dryland training sessions please bring clean indoor running shoes and water. 

How early should I come to my session? 

  • Please come 10-15 minutes early.

What are the multi-packs?

  • Multi-packs are packs of sessions that can be redeemed for 30-minute treadmill or shooting sessions 
  • Multi-packs can only be redeemed for one player-bookings only. 

What is the benefit of multi-packs? 

  • By purchasing a 5-session multi-pack you save $75 compared to buying 5 individual sessions 

Does the synthetic ice dull skates?

  • You do NOT need to sharpen your skates every time after using the treadmill/shooting lanes. We suggest sharpening skates after ~3 sessions on synthetic ice. 

Do you offer skate sharpening?

  • Yes! We offer skate-sharpening in our facility for $8 (excl. HST)

Should I bring my own pucks to sessions?

  • No, we will supply pucks for treadmill or shooting sessions, even if you book the shooting lanes without a barnburner trainer. 

How soon should I see results after training on the treadmill? 

  • Players usually see results after just 5 sessions on the treadmill, however depending on the player it can take anywhere from 5-10 sessions to see noticeable improvements. 


If you have any other questions please email info@barnburneracademy.com!

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Located at 103 Orfus Road. North York M6A 1M4