Unleash Your Child's Full Potential: Experience the Barnburner Difference and Redefine Hockey Training!

Unleash Your Child's Full Potential: Experience the Barnburner Difference and Redefine Hockey Training!

Are you tired of traditional hockey camps that offer limited facilities and minimal feedback? Most camps are hosted solely on rented ice at local rinks, limiting the campers to the ice, dressing rooms and parking lot. That means lunches and breaks are spent in dank dressing rooms or on a grassy median in the blazing sun. Fitness training also suffers due to a lack of proper equipment and space, resulting in jumping jack in the hallway or relay races around the arena. 

At Barnburner camps, we are proud to present a new standard in hockey training that sets us apart from the rest. Let us show you the two crucial factors that make our camp an exceptional choice for your child: 

  1. A Dedicated 11,000 Square Foot Training Facility:

    Barnburner camps boast a state-of-the-art, dedicated training facility spanning 11,000 square feet filled with cutting-edge equipment designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive hockey experience. From the moment your child steps into our facility, they will feel the difference in the atmosphere and the opportunities that await them.

  2. Individualized Feedback and Computerized Player Analysis:

    At Barnburner camps, we understand the value of personalized guidance and continuous improvement. That's why we go beyond traditional coaching methods. With our advanced computerized player analysis, we provide your child with individualized feedback that takes their skills to the next level. Our technology allows us to assess their performance, track progress, and identify areas for growth. With this invaluable feedback, your child will make significant strides in their game and achieve their full potential. At the end of their week at camp, we ensure each child leaves with a personalized progress report. 

Player on the skating treadmill perfecting skate alignment.

A Camp Experience Like No Other in our Dedicated Facility: 

Imagine a camp where your child not only hones their skills on the ice but also benefits from a wide range of off-ice activities that enhance their overall hockey proficiency. At Barnburner camps, we offer an unparalleled variety of off-ice training opportunities, including:

  • Shooting on Synthetic Ice:

    Your child will spend dedicated time each day perfecting their technique on our top-of-the-line synthetic ice shooting lanes. This specialized training enhances accuracy, power, and overall shooting prowess.
  • Skating Treadmills for Stride Refinement:

    Our skating treadmills take your child's stride to new heights. With expert guidance and real-time feedback along with stride analysis powered by artificial intelligence (AI), they will refine their skating technique and build the foundation to excel on the ice. 
  • Dryland Training:

    We recognize the importance of physical conditioning in hockey. Our campers engage in age-appropriate dryland training sessions in our fully equipped on-site gym, ensuring they develop the athleticism necessary for success.
  • Cognitive Training and Reaction Time Exercises:

    Hockey is not just about physical skills; it also requires mental acuity and quick decision-making. Our specialized Senaptec station offers exercises designed to enhance reaction time and cognitive abilities, giving your child a competitive edge.
  • On Ice at Rinx:

    Of course, hockey training isn’t complete without being able to practice their skills on ice. Rinx is a four pad arena which is just a three minute walk down the street where we host on-ice portions of our camps.
  • Comfortable and Convenient Break Spaces:

    We prioritize the comfort and well-being of our campers. During breaks and meals, they can relax and recharge in our air-conditioned boardroom, providing a comfortable space for rejuvenation and socialization.
  • Fun and Games:

    We believe in a healthy balance between training and enjoyment. Our campers can engage in friendly games of mini-sticks, SuperDeker or unwind with some Xbox fun, fostering camaraderie and creating lasting memories. 

These extraordinary off-ice activities are made possible by our exclusive, fully equipped facility, which sets the stage for an unparalleled hockey camp experience.


Individualized Feedback:

Coach Jonah perfecting a players stride on the treadmill.

 When it comes to choosing the perfect summer hockey camp for your child, we understand that you want an experience that goes beyond simply engaging in repetitive drills while on the ice.  Here's how our camps stand out from a player feedback perspective:

  1. Unmatched Attention:

    At Barnburner camps, we believe in the power of individualized coaching. Unlike other camps that have large groups and long lines of kids waiting to take their turn, we ensure that each station in our facility accommodates a maximum of 8 players. This low player-to-coach ratio guarantees that your child receives unparalleled attention and personalized feedback. Our experienced coaches will provide instant feedback on shooting and skating techniques, helping your child refine their form and embed correct muscle memory through focused repetitions. At the end of the week, each player will go home with a personalized progress report using data from AI skating analysis. With tailored guidance, your child will truly unlock their full potential. 
  2. Maximum Reps, Maximum Results:

    We firmly believe that practice makes perfect. That's why out training sessions are carefully designed to offer an unmatched number of repetitions for shooting pucks. Instead of waiting in line, our players work in pairs or small groups to maximize their shooting. In just one week at our camp, your child can expect to shoot well over 1,500 pucks, allowing them to perfect their technique, accuracy and power. Get ready to unleash the inner sniper within them!
  3. Revolutionary Skating Treadmill:

    Unlike traditional powerskating sessions where coaches can only offer brief, generalized tips as the player skates away, our treadmill enables real-time coaching for every stride your child takes. Our two cameras and three screens allow coaches to pause, rewind and review each stride. Our AI Skating Analysis breaks down and analyzes the individual components of each skating stride revealing the areas that require improvement. With immediate feedback, on-the-spot adjustments, and continuous support from our coaches, your child's skating technique will rapidly improve. Additionally, our facility boasts two treadmills side-by-side allowing players to engage in passing and shooting drills while skating on the treadmill. Picture having a personal coach by their side throughout the entire training session, ensuring they develop the skills needed to dominate on the ice.

At Barnburner camps, we are committed to providing an exceptional learning environment where your child's progress is our top priority. Our expert coaches will tailor their guidance to your child's unique needs, fostering growth and instilling a love for the game that will last a lifetime.  Enroll them in Barnburner camps today and witness the remarkable transformation in their skills and confidence.

For more information and to secure your child's spot, please visit our website or contact our friendly team. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Get ready to ignite your child's passion for hockey like never before!

Player during speed skating drill.

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